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Новая версия PL/SQL Developer 12.0

Пакет Allround Automations PL/SQL Developer представляет собой интегрированную среду разработки для создания, тестирования, отладки и оптимизации хранимых процедурных модулей (stored program units) на языке Oracle PL/SQL, таких, как пакеты (packages), триггеры и др.

Что нового в PL/SQL Developer 12.0?


Ribbon User Interface

PL/SQL Developer now uses a new Ribbon User Interface instead of a Menu User Interface:

The Quick Access Toolbar above the ribbon contains the most frequently used functions, so that they are always immediately available. You can customize the Quick Access Toolbar to your own liking.

Users that prefer a menu-like system to preserve screen real estate can select to automatically hide the ribbon. In the preferences you can select an option to revert to the familiar toolbar layout from PL/SQL Developer 11.0 and earlier.


Single Document Interface

On the  "View"  ribbon you can now choose between a Single Document Interface (SDI) or Multiple Document Interface (MDI - the same as in PL/SQL Developer 11.0 and earlier). In SDI mode you always see just one maximized window. A tab control above the window allows you to quickly switch between the windows:



General User Interface Enhancements

  • PL/SQL Developer is now fully compliant with High-DPI screens such as 4K monitors and notebooks. All controls and images will scale with resolution (some Plug-Ins may still need to be enhanced). Click on the image below to enlarge this example of a 15" 4K notebook (250% DPI):


  • All window types now have a specific icon color, so that you can quickly identify the type in the Window List, in the SDI tab control, in the window titles, and so on.
  • The transaction status is now visible in the status bar of a window, next to the  "Saved"  and  "Executing"  indicators.
  • Added user interface preference  "Preselect current user for object selection lists".


PL/SQL Clipboard

The new PL/SQL Clipboard is a dockable tool that stores the history of all SQL and PL/SQL code you copy to the Windows clipboard, so that you can paste the clipboard item again in the future. It has a filter function so that you can quickly find a clipboard item based on its contents:

At the bottom you see the PL/SQL Clipboard history items. Clicking on an item will show the text with syntax highlighting in the preview pane, and will show the timestamp above the preview pane. Double-click on an item to paste the text in the cursor location of the current editor or drag & drop it to a specific location in an editor.

You can use the editor preferences to configure when and how items are added to and deleted from the PL/SQL Clipboard.


Debugger Enhancements

  • You can now display compound variable values such as user-defined types, records and cursors:


  • Support has been added for Error Breakpoints, which allow you to break execution when a specific exception (handled or unhandled) occurs:


  • Breakpoints can now be saved and loaded.
  • Debug object privileges can now be granted and revoked from the user interface.


Code Assistant Enhancements

  • The Code Assistant can now include column names from a DML statement context without using an alias:


  • The Code Assistant can now describe sub-records.
  • The Code Assistant now includes an <All> choice for default object type constructors.
  • The Code Assistant can now include synonyms for user object lists.
  • The Code Assistant no longer pre-selects <All> after typing part of a parameter/column name.


SQL Window Enhancements

  • A new preference has been added:  "Null value cell color for mandatory columns" . This allows you to quickly identify mandatory columns when adding new records:


  • The result set selection can now be copied as an expression list: "column in (value, value, ...)" by right-clicking on a selection and selecting  "Copy as expression list"  from the popup menu. This allows you to quickly build a where clause based on the selection:


  • When viewing or editing LOB's the contents for common data formats will automatically be recognized, so that an external viewer or editor can be invoked:

    Changes made and saved in an external editor will automatically be propagated to the column data.

  • The SQL Window will now navigate to the offending cell in the result set after an insert or update with a column-specific error.
  • The rowid column is now omitted when exporting a result set grid in SQL format.


Test Window Enhancements

  • You can now define Standard Tests for a specific function or procedure:

    A Standard Test can be invoked from the popup menu when right-clicking on the function or procedure in the Object Browser or in a PL/SQL source:


  • The Test Window now supports Oracle12c implicit results, which are automatically detected and added to the variable list:


  • A new Oracle / Output preference has been added to save dbms_output to a file. The filename can include %dbname%, %dbuser% and %date% variables to separate output files based on the database, user and date.


Program Window Enhancements

  • You can now suppress a hint or warning for a specific line of code by adding a  "-- Ignore"  comment.
  • The Code Contents pane now shows local subprograms within a procedure/function in a separate folder.


Session Window Enhancements

  • The Session Window now has a Single Record View for the session details:


  • You can now kill a session with the  "immediate"  option.


Connection Enhancements

  • A  "Set current schema"  item has been added to the connection popup menu. It will set the current schema for all windows of this connection. The current schema will be displayed in square brackets in the Connection List:


  • Connecting through a proxy user is now supported.


Other Enhancements

  • A Compare function has been added to the Object Browser. You can compare program units, tables, views, sequences with sources in the database, in a file or in a window.
  • A new Oracle / Options preference  "Always include owner prefix"  has been added. When enabled, DLL extracted from the database will always include the owner prefix. When disabled, the owner will be omitted if you are connected as the owner.
  • A new  "Stop"  item has been added to the DBMS Scheduler  "Running job"  popup menu.
  • Support has been added for Oracle12c read privileges for tables and views.
  • Scripts generated by Export User Objects and Export Tables now have user-defined initialization and finalization. These files are located in the %APPDATA%\PLSQL Developer 12\Scripts directory.
  • The Text Importer and ODBC Importer can now also truncate a table before import, in addition to the  "Delete"  option. The truncate option is faster but cannot be rolled back.
  • The Compile Invalid Objects tool now has a User Selector.
  • PL/SQL Developer 12 now comes as a new MSI installer for interactive and silent installation.

Allround Automation / PL/SQL Developer
Пакет Allround Automations PL/SQL Developer представляет собой интегрированную среду разработки для создания, тестирования, отладки и оптимизации хранимых процедурных модулей (stored program units) на языке Oracle PL/SQL, таких, как пакеты (packages), триггеры и др. Среда PL/SQL Developer ориентируется на принципы удобства в работе, повышения качества кода и продуктивности программиста, что является ключевым преимуществом при разработке приложений для платформы Oracle.

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